They’re Off to Great Places at Hopkins School

During the first few weeks at Hopkins School, students were seen breaking out! Well, there wasn’t exactly a mad rush to the doors or to the nurse to check for hives. They were playing a game based on Dr. Seuss’s book Oh the Places You’ll Go! A dozen classes participated in this community-building activity, working in teams to solve clues to reveal the combinations to six locks. Once the puzzles were deciphered, the box was opened to reveal various incentives from teachers. It was a perfect way to kick off the school year.

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The Seuss game by Patti Harju is one of many available on Breakout EDU, where teachers can find ready-to-go games based on grade levels and content. Of course, teachers can also create their own immersive games using their classroom curriculum. The faculty at Hopkins School participated in a customized game during a staff meeting. As the creator, coming up with clues helped me hone in on the most critical message. For my colleagues, the engaging experience propelled them to access the key information.

As students at Hopkins continue on their learning journey, chances are they will make a pit stop or two at an engaging Breakout session. In the midst of excitement, they will learn the rewards spawned by collaboration, critical thinking, and grit to name a few.



Interactive learning, like Breakout EDU, has many benefits to students as captured in this infographic by Maria Galanis and Sylvia Duckworth.



By: Steph Doty
 Technology Integration Coordinator
 Hopkins School
 @HopkinsTechLib / @BlendedTeaching
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