Resolve to Walk the Way of If

IF… Let that ruminate for a few minutes; I’ll wait. Is there a more powerful two-letter word in the English language? Just the thought of this simple word can cast a complex web of possibilities of what lies behind and beyond. As you mull, take care not to wander down the slippery slopes of regret, but to parade along the prospector’s path of hope. For our young students, IF is the key to the future. For teachers and parents, IF is also an endowment. What if we give students the license to forever unlock their imaginations and the space to explore their potential. What if?

As the new year begins, students at Hopkins School will walk into technolibrary thinking, “What if?” As fifth graders seek to solve social problems using their empathy, ingenuity, and makerspace materials, I challenge them to think, “What if?” As fourth graders contemplate the reach of their global footprints, I challenge them to think, “What if?” And as you embark on the new year, I challenge you to think, “What if?” Like a child, let IF lead you down the roads not taken and along the way, make time to ponder perhaps the mightiest three-letter word, YET…

By: Steph Doty
 Technology Integration Coordinator
 Hopkins School
 @HopkinsTechLib / @BlendedTeaching

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