Viaje Virtual a Santa Fe

Hopkins students in Rooms 103 and 206 are gearing up for a field trip to New Mexico this week—sort of! They are actually sending their teachers on an educational tour of Santa Fe and will be participating virtually. Last year was the inauguration of the student-directed field trip at Hopkins in which two Grade 4 classrooms sent their teachers to Alabama for some Southern hospitality where they were treated like rockstars. This year two Grade 5 teachers, Ms. Jordan and Ms. Saunders, along with the art teacher, Ms. DaRosa, are hoping to capture some Southwestern magic as they visit the oldest capital city in the United States from May 19 – 24.

Much like the New Mexico themed art project featured in the last Hopkins post, instructional technology was a driving force throughout the trip planning process as well. With a budget in hand, students were divided into teams to plan the voyage: economists, geographers, historians, school ambassadors, recreation guides, culture coordinators and publicists. Using laptops, telephones, and iPads, students researched flights, hotels, restaurants, historical landmarks and the like to make an itinerary for their teachers in Google Calendar. They also created a fact-a-day countdown with Google Slides, a budget with Google Sheets, and informative videos using the Explain Everything app on the iPads. The publicists put together a Google Site to curate all of this information. During the trip, teachers will be checking in through Google Hangouts and FaceTime as well as blogging about their adventure.


Historians using iPads for research and video production.

While the teachers are thrilled to see Santa Fe through the eyes of their students, some students may feel a bit slighted by being left behind after learning so much about the legendary city. However, if they did their jobs well, then they should be content to sit back in the classroom and track their teacher’s’ journey. We invite you to follow along, too, by visiting the Viaje a Santa Fe website and blog. ¡Viajes felices!

By: Stephanie Doty
Hopkins School
Technology Integration Coordinator

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