WeVideo: More Reasons to Love It!

We are all looking for engagement—students as well as teachers—and WeVideo delivers. In simplest terms, WeVideo is a cloud-based video creation tool that rivals software products like iMovie. However, WeVideo for Education kicks it up a notch by allowing students to work collaboratively on the same video project from any device, anywhere and share through Google Apps for Education. It also works across platforms, including apps for mobile devices, and is most at home on Google’s Chrome browser. What’s more, the product offers differentiation from its simplified Storyboard mode to the advanced Timeline editor. Novice users can start simple and improve their skills with the help of video tutorials, while experienced editors can jump right in.

Recently, WeVideo added a screencasting feature, which puts the tool in a whole new light. Teachers can use the Screen Recorder to capture, with or without narration, and then edit the clip, layer annotations, or add images, video and music through the editor. Your lessons will only be limited by your imagination. Students can use the Screen Recorder to explain their thinking or create tutorials. The latest updates to WeVideo also include the ability to add markers with comments at different locations within the recording as well as the ability to see Revision History and revert to previous versions. Click on the video for more information about these new features.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.17.58 AM

Are you interested in using WeVideo to create engaging lessons for your students or engage your students in creation? While the standard product is free, premium features like collaboration and screencasting, require a paid license. Fortunately, the District has licenses available through our WeVideo Education Account. Contact your technology integration coordinator to take advantage of the premium accounts and features.

We invite you to learn more:

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By: Stephanie Doty, Hopkins Technology Integration Coordinator

Reposted from HPSDigital.org


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