School’s Out: Now Full STEAM Ahead!

Amid the drone of afternoon bus announcements and the flurry of students anxiously exiting the building, there is a quiet movement underfoot at Hopkins School. If you listen carefully, you will hear students being called to their after school programs and see their beaming faces as they bound into their classrooms. What has these children looking forward to more learning after the final whistle has blown? Well, it is the carefully-curated extracurricular classes offered through the Hopkinton Parent Teachers Association (HPTA).

Many of the HPTA’s offerings integrate elements of science, technology, engineering, art, and math, which in the world of education, generates STEAM. The STEAM or STEM movement is driven by the assertion that America is losing ground to other countries when it comes to producing citizens with skills that engender the true innovation that leads to economic growth.

U.S. students recently finished 27th in math and 20th in science in the ranking of 34 countries.

by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

In the big picture, organizations like the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) have sprung up to try to STEM the tide by offering free lesson plans and fee-based training to get classroom teachers up to speed. Closer to home, the HPTA is doing its part by providing an afternoon wonderland where students can engage, collaborate, engineer, build, create, and innovate.


Young scientists learn about power of circuitry.

While the winter workshops are winding down, after a brief break, students will once again explore their passions in one or more of the STEAM-based Spring Sessions. Creative minds can engage in hands-on learning with classes like the Science Around You (SAY), Electronics Laboratory, Robotics, Ceramics, Computer Programming, and various Start with Art workshops. All aboard!


Hopkins students create 3D sculptures of sea turtles.


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