Answering the Call to Code

After watching President Obama’s call to action for America’s young people to get involved with technology, Hopkins students eagerly participated in the world-wide Hour of Code initiative during technolibrary class. With the click of a mouse, they became part of a community of over 82 million people around the world who met the challenge during December 8-14. This was the first anniversary of the Hour of Code, which commemorates Computer Science Education Week, and it far surpassed the 15 million participants from last year.

While Hopkins students were wowed by their ability to program some of their favorite games, teachers were wowed by the problem solving, logical thinking, and collaboration put forth by students. The all-out blitz showcased the important role that programming can play in our children’s education, but was it enough? Although some Hopkins students will continue to engage in the coding activities through modules and a new after school club, there is a national push to integrate computer programming into academic subjects so that it prepares all learners for the technological future.

At Hopkins, the Hour of Code certainly lived up to its billing. Students begged to work on the site at home to which we say, “Yes, please do!”  Visit to learn more about the initiative to make computer science a fundamental component of K-12 education and to experience the student-centered coding for yourself!

By Stephanie Doty, Elementary Technology Integration Coordinator

Reposted from 02/10/2015


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